Star Lord is a new browser-based online space strategy game that allows you to immerse yourself in an epic virtual world where advanced technology of the future is closely intertwined with ancient alchemy. Behind the facade of a provocative setting hides serious balance and exciting gameplay in the best traditions of Heroes of Might and Magic and Master of Orion.

The games standout features include a detailed, carefully constructed, and humorous storyline, gorgeous player-controlled battles, a balanced economic model, and an old-school atmosphere where evil conquers with its invincible greatness and good inspires with firmness and steadfastness.

Game features:

  • A mix of strategy and RPG
  • A large-scale system of technological development with six branches of science and hundreds of different research projects to study
  • Craft dozens of different types of resources in the alchemical transformation system
  • A complex quest chain that unveils the storyline
  • An entertaining tale based on a clash between two immortal alchemists in space
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