This is a story of the distant future, when technological development has brought war to outer space, when alchemy has become a regular part of this world, when three mighty races clash in a bloody war for power. The story begins with a conflict between the two most powerful alchemists: Svyatogor, a man for whom nothing is more important than freedom, and Callistus, the ruler of the undead who acts on the basis of harsh logic and strict order. These two great alchemists, who came into conflict in a struggle for an artifact that could completely change the course of the war, have been trapped in another dimension, but their power allows them to influence a large-scale war between the undead, robots, and bionics even from the depths of oblivion. The outcome of this war is in your hands. Choose your side and lead it to victory.


  • Chapter 1

    Humanity is in danger! The emperor of the fiendish undead is leading his incalculably large fleet through the deserted expanses of the universe with a single goal: to destroy the last refuge of mankind on a tiny, distant planet. He is opposed by an ambitious alchemist who strives to stop the dictator and save his people. But the planetoid that hides mankind holds many forgotten secrets within itself...

  • Chapter 2

    The battle is in full swing! The dark Emperors countless armies are already assaulting mankinds last refuge on a tiny planetoid in a forgotten corner of the galaxy. The undead fleet is prepared to repel any strike, and the tyrant will accept any casualties in his quest to destroy humanity.

  • Chapter 3

    The humans have fallen into oblivion! The remnants of the human race have disappeared along with their leader in the cold depths of space, dragging the merciless Emperor of the undead and his assault squads in tow. Deprived of human supervision, the robots have obtained their freedom. A new race of bionics has also appeared on the horizon of the universe. Left without a leader, the undead quickly find a new master...

Story "Last General"
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